Friday, October 30, 2009

Video review of Samsung T401G

From this site.

Lots of other informative posts there, too!

Moto EM326 goodies!

If you go to the Net10 website and order a cool Motorola EM326 slider phone, you'll get a FREE USB cable and 2GB memory card (a $19.99 value)!

Hurry. Supplies are (as they say) limited.

Of course, the phone also includes 300 minutes of airtime upon activation, too. Deal!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Samsung T401g

It's what many of us have been asking for: a cool phone with a good camera, Bluetooth, MP3 player and a QWERTY keyboard. The new Net10 Samsung T401g is all that and more.

It's been getting out to retail stores over the last week or so and should be available online soon, too.

The venerable Pbushx2 blog has done a preliminary but thorough review of the new phone. Here's part one, part two and part three.

It's pretty fascinating stuff. As usual, the blog does a great job in clearly and simply covering everything you'd like to know and more. Much more than everything, in fact. LOL! But that's a good thing. Kudos!

Friday, October 23, 2009

True Story!

A friend of mine asked to borrow my Net10 phone. He's a freelance journalist and needs to interview someone in Canada.

He already has a cell phone from a company that shall remain nameless (but their initials are "ATT".) He's had it forever, even though he knows that Net10, TracFone or Straight Talk costs less. After this, though, I think he's REALLY convinced. Here's why...

Before making his Canadian call, he decided to see how much it would cost from HIS phone... rather than waiting for the bill. So he called 611 and asked the nice lady at the other end how much they charge to call Canada.

With an "International Plan," it's $2.49 a minute. Without the plan, $5.99 a minute. He thanked her politely and then called me to borrow my Net10 phone.

How much is it to call Canada on my Net10 phone?

Fifteen cents a minute.

Case closed!